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The company’s capability in the application of primer and multi coat corrosion protection systems is well known; it is however if the field of Intumescent Fire Protection that the major advances have been made.

The prominence in the advancement of off-site application has been a significant development for the structural steelwork industry in the UK, with many of the significant city centre sites benefiting from the advantages of the process.

The key advantages of off-site application are:

Engineered solutions for each steel member size, by way of bespoke coating thickness, which results from extensive testing and assessment by the manufacturers.

The ability to provide finely tuned solutions geared to individual fire risk assessments, which are based on a calculated and quantified approach under Euro codes as opposed to the regulated prescriptive practices under the Building Regulations.

The application in a heated well-lit workshop eliminates sensitivity to adverse weather conditions.

Workshop application allows more reliable Quality Control, with extensive inspection and recording of thickness being significantly easier on the workbench than in the final erected position in the case of traditional on site application.

Reduced manpower requirements on site, which assist in areas of logistics and health and safety.

Off-site application removes the requirement to site apply coating to steel on dangerous perimeter locations. This is particularly relevant on high-rise buildings.

Off-site application significantly reduces the amount of VOC’s emitted on site.

The off-site application reduces the on-site programme by eliminating a wet trade, which interferes with the key following trades, and allows an early return on capital through early completion, and reduces site preliminary costs due to reduced site durations. To gain the maximum benefit, the use of off-site intumescent should be planned from an early stage.

By discussing your next project with Vale, we can take you through the simple process of achieving the maximum benefit from making off site fire protection part of your project.


Proposal/Quotation Stage

Contact Vale who will discuss your requirements, and prepare initial costing information. These can be refined and developed through the pricing stage, and we are available to assist you in providing advice, and where appropriate in attending meets in a support role.

Pre-Contract Stage

To finalise costs, and to provide, where appropriate, schedules of rates to assist you with the pricing of variations etc. To agree along with our production and logistics team a programme for the works, and the details of how transport to steel to and from our works will be arranged. To support you in providing information or attending meetings related to technical aspects of the fire protection works.

Contract Stage

To hand over the details of the works, including a schedule of coating thickness for the members included in the final enquiry scope, to our Production Team. To assist in areas of variations etc. and ensure together we receive an appropriate return on any additional works instructed by your client.

Information required allowing us to price the initial works

1 – Fire rating – usually noted in the specification documents or on the Engineer’s drawings

2 – Is steel located internally within the building or outside in direct contact with the elements in the finished building (ISO 12944 defined categories)

3 – The type of floor construction in the case of floor beams. Ie. Composite metal desk using trapezoidal profile steel dick

4 – Quantities for each steel section size, with note of the member use ie. Beam, Column or Bracing.

5 – Building Location (to allow us to make the appropriate allowance for the site touch up works)

With this information, we can provide rates for the various steel sections, and advise on value engineering issues.